About us

due violini in blu Here we are, Gli Archimisti!

We are a group of Conservatorium graduate musicians: each of us has the experience of collaborating with important symphonic orchestras behind us (Orchestra Giovanile Italiana, Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai Orchestra “Arturo Toscanini” di Parma, Orchestra “L.Cherubini”, Orchestra Sinfonica “G. Verdi” di Milano etc.) plus we have worked with chamber music ensembles and prestigious music schools. In the interim we are also dedicated to other genres, like pop, rock music and the tango. Our passion for chamber music and the desire to play together has lead us to create new performance stages and experiment with new spaces to “make music”: by now we have accompanied events of every genre with our music, with a repertoire from the late 500s to covers of pop music.
We are essentially string instrumentalists, and we offer duos of violins, string trios and quartets. Alongside us sometimes, to complete the ensemble, are considerable professional organists, singers and harpists etc.

concerto quartetto cremona

We like to dedicate the same attention to events as what we devote to concert preparation and we always perform with the same rigor, live and acoustically. To those who ask where the electricity is attached, we respond with pride: We don’t need it.

Beyond the events we engage in organising concerts, taking advantage of all of the possible performance stages. Our dream is to bring music into the squares, into hospitals, the courtyards of apartment buildings and private rooms. We are convinced, as Cervantes wrote, “where there is music there can be no evil”.

In the end, we are dedicated to teaching music and our instruments and to enhance the diffusion of musical culture. We do this by organising conference-concerts, demonstrations and workshops dedicated to music. We believe that music and art can contribute to the education of man and child, and that its value goes well beyond the simple instrumental practice.